Website Maker

·         Instantly create your own - Do it yourself (DIY) Professionally looking Cloud Mobile websites.
·         You can modify your content anytime without the need of any technical resources.
·         Create visibility with social and digital marketing.
·         Go mobile- available instantly on iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Desktop devices without any additional work or coding.
·         No Separate software, tools, editors required.
·         24/7 availability with server backup support.

Email Marketing

·         Instantly send professional email campaigns to targeted audience without any technical skills.
·         Design your own email templates for email marketing or for Newsletter
·         Measure the success of your email campaigns.
·         Unlimited email list creation with Category name of your choice.
·         Resend your Campaigns to new email lists.
·         Default inclusion of your website address so that your customers click the link and come to your site for business.
·         Statistics/Reports on how many clicked and came to your site and how many times the customers have come to your site etc.
·         Manage online, anytime from anywhere 24x7

Social Media

·         Automatic Social Media Integration on all your pages for easy sharing
·         Live Twitter feeds on your site.
·         Facebook updates.
·         No Drag and Drop.
·         Provision for updating your facebook page and twitter handle.

Menu Maker

·         Create as many Menus as you like.
·         Create up to 3 levels on each menu structure.
·         Assign your web pages to the Menus.
·         Position Vertical Menus or horizontal – as you like to have it.
·         Edit Change Menu names or delete functionality.
·         Drag your Menus to any Position.

Form maker
·         Want to create a feedback form for your website?
·         Looking for an enquiry form or a Contact us form to get customer enquiries on your current site? Use Form maker to build one and embed in to your current site.
·         Built a WebM Website and want to add a form to it? Use WebM form maker.
·         You get instant notification of enquiries to your email account.
·         Built in Analytics

Payment gate way
·         We provide Payment gateways like Paypal and many others.
·         Just integrate with your Paypal Account without any coding.
·         No transaction charges for using WebM services when you use Paypal. Just pay PayPal charges as applicable.
·         INR for Indian Currency Processing.
·         More Payment Gateway options.

Survey Maker
·         Create Survey with WebM Survey Apps
·         Use our Email Marketing tool to promote your surveys.
·         Measure your campaigns and survey results.
·         Built in Analytics tool.

Domain Name & Hosting
·         Use our custom domain name services to help you to decide the best domain name for your business.
·         More than 10 years experience in Domain name Industry.
·         Globally available domain names at the best prices possible.
·         Hosting is Free at our server which will be managed by us without any additional cost.

Design Services

·         We provide professionally designed logo for your business.
·         Creative and Innovative design.
·         Banner Design, Poster Design available.
·         We use Open source tools
·         Best prices unmatched for our services.